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The Way Of The Cross With St. John Paul II Book


By: Father Herbert Niba. What does it mean to have a part in the Cross of Christ? It means to experience, in the Holy Spirit, the love hidden within the Cross of Christ. It means to recognize, in the light of this love, our own cross.” – Pope Saint John Paul II The Way of the Cross with Saint John Paul II provides a simple but profound opportunity to practice this devotion publicly or privately, during – and beyond – the Lenten season. Each of the fourteen stations is interpreted in light of one aspect or event in the life of John Paul II, from tragic losses to physical and emotional demands, his long illness, and the assassination attempt. His lived experience of the Cross is further confirmed by the words of fourteen witnesses who knew him or who were influenced by him. Walk the Way of the Cross with Saint John Paul and, like him, come to know the love of Christ that allows us to take up that cross once more and, strengthened by this love, to continue our journey.

UPC: 9781681925950
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