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Hebrew Greek Key Word Study Bible (Cloth)


The Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible combines essential tools for Hebrew and Greek with translations that are accurate and clear. An easy-to-use style plus the benefits of the Strong’s Dictionary numbering system makes this study Bible one for every student of God’s Word, no matter what age.

The Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible is a complete English Bible text for cross-reference study to the original languages from which the Bible was translated. Bible text of the 1977 NASB, Wider margins than previous editions,
Introduction to each book of the Bible
Words of Christ in Red
Table of Weights and Measures
AMG’s Concordance of the Bible
AMG’s Annotated Strong’s Dictionaries
Combining Strong’s dictionaries with additional material taken from AMG’s Complete Word Study Dictionaries
Footnotes on the original languages, Bible history, Bible doctrines, and difficult passages
Strong’s numbers on key words in the text of the Bible
Grammatical codes on key words in the text of the New Testament
Used with the Grammatical Notations, these codes identify the forms of Greek grammar behind the English translation
Sewn bindings.
Dimensions: 9.25 X 6.75 X 2.0 (inches)
Weight: 3 pounds 8 ounces

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UPC: 9780899578675
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